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Who We Are, and How to Find Us 

PILFERSHIRE: In the late 1700's, according to local folklore, a tinker was passing through Red Rock, with a wagon laden with pots and pans. To his utter dismay, the wagon overturned on the rough road. His cry for help was heard by the local residents, who rushed out to rectify the overturned cart. When the tinker regained his composure, he alleged that some of his inventory was missing, and declared that it had been pilfered by those who had rushed to "help" him. In revenge, the disgruntled tinker wandered about the area, referring to Red Rock as "Pilfershire," much to the delight of the residents of neighboring villages, who were happy to enjoy a good joke at the expense of their irritated Red Rock neighbors. Today, of course, the local residents are very respectable, and that "p" word is almost forgotten, but please don't mention it to the lifetime residents, becausesome of them are still sensitive!
You will find us just past the "Red Rock" historical marker. Leave your pots and pans at home.

ARTHUR LEE OF RED ROCK, INC., is a Real Estate Brokerage firm, licensed in New York State, and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, located west of the Berkshire Mountains, in beautiful Columbia County, NY.
The company has specialized in country property since the late 1940's. Our founders, the late Arthur and Florence Lee, came to the area at the end of World War II, and quickly recognized the need for local real estate specialists. Their good reputation grew rapidly, and the company was incorporated in 1961. On Arthur's death, in 1974, son George S. Lee became president. George retired for health reasons in 1998, and sold the company to friend, long-time employee, and top sales agent, Jean M. Price.
JEAN M. PRICE, Licensed Real Estate Broker, and President, offers 45 years of real estate experience, and a thorough knowledge of the area's current real estate offerings. For many years, she has been a leader in the local real estate industry. Her expertise in Real Estate has been recognized by the Legal Profession: She has been called as an Expert Witness in the New York Court.
Let Jean, and her dedicated staff transform your search for that ideal property into a delightful experience. We love this place, and we are sure that you will, too, when you come to know it.

Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc., 215 Columbia County Route 24, East Chatham, New York 12060

HOW TO FIND US: From New York City -- Take Sawmill Parkway north to Taconic State Parkway, and exit at Route 203 East; From Boston -- Take I-90 west to Taconic State Parkway, south, and exit at Route 203 East; From NYS Thruway -- Take Berkshire Spur to I-90 east, then Taconic State Parkway south, and exit at Route 203 East.

WHERE WE ARE: East of the Hudson River, and West of the Berkshire Mountains, Columbia County lies 100 miles North of New York City. This ancient Land of the Mohicans, was settled by Europeans three centuries ago. While traditionally agricultural , today the area is a haven for creative people of many disciplines. For them, it is a sanctuary, of prolific beauty, from the hustle and bustle of the nearby major metropolitan centers. A place to restore the soul, and expand the imagination.

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