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  Yes, Virginia, there is a better Listing Broker, and we are it!
Times have changed, and indeed, with them, the World Wide Web has changed how the real estate business works: Multiple Listing systems, and marketing websites like®, Zillow®, and Trulia® have changed how active buyers look for property;
The popularity of Buyer-Brokers, too, has changed how buyers conduct their property searches, and how sales are managed; nevertheless, there are good reasons to be discerning when selecting your Listing Broker:
1. Any member of a Multiple Listing system can take your listing, and enter it into their system, and from there, data will be disseminated throughout a variety of websites for all to see; so cousin Maggie has a salesperson's license, and you decide to do her a favor by listing with her, hoping your relationship will help you to sell your property -- perhaps it will, but the question remains whether or not Maggie and her broker have the real expertise, and determination, to successfully close the sale;
2. How does the Listing Broker persuade a potential buyer to actually request a viewing of your property? The ability to persuade someone often depends on the skill of the copywriter in the art of persuasive writing: That's where Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc. stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our advertising copywriters have years of experience at creative writing composition, and employ subtle techniques designed to bring in buyers -- Golden Words from "Silver Pens;"
3. Regardless where the buyer learns about your property, it is of key importance that the Listing Broker know how to turn a viable purchase offer into a closed transaction: That is often not as simple as it seems, and, in truth, many offers do not survive the tortuous negotiation process; That is where an experienced real estate broker, like our Principal Broker, Jean M. Price, can make the difference between closing, or not closing a transaction: Jean has many years of experience in managing almost every situation, and has a proven history of delivering the desired results;
4. Listing the property is not the end of your decision-making process, merely the beginning, as it is important to think about the manner in which property is shown, and the security issues the Listing Broker needs to address along the way; many agents use lockboxes in attempt to avoid the tedious task of being there at every showing (see our web page
about this);
5. Arthur Lee Realtor takes the responsibility of managing your Listing very seriously, making sure that we have an agent at every showing, thereby avoiding problems that might result from it being shown by a less-than-careful co-agent. We make sure, too, that after a showing, your property is securely closed down, ready for the next prospective buyer!

You can rely on us to make your selling experience a very enjoyable one!

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