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Listing Your Property with Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc.

Are you thinking of selling your property? If so, please contact us without delay. We have many seasoned, active buyers, just waiting for their ideal property to come on the market. Yours could be the one!

Why should you consider listing with Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc?

We are a local industry leader when it comes to marketing real property. We have a 50-year tradition of aggressive, professional marketing, which strives to provide friendly, cheerful, and complete service to each of our clients and customers. And we get results! We do everything we can to support our sellers, and buyers, until long after a closing has taken place. Our agents are personally commited to you. Call us on (518) 392-9144, (888) 904-9227, or
e-mail us at [email protected] for a consultation without obligation. If you need to know more, read on ...

Our Tradition of Excellence Sets Us Apart from the Competition

Experience. Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc. has been here longer than just about any other real estate broker, and has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge which others simply do not have. That means we can impart to both buyers and sellers a level of comfort that less experienced brokers cannot. Also, we have preserved every significant map, deed, and document related to the thousands of real estate transactions we have handled over the years, and each is readily available when needed to resolve those difficult questions regarding property rights, and title. If we do not know the answer, we have the contacts to get the needed information.

Knowledge of Our Market. You need to get the very best price for your property, that is why our thorough knowledge of the market is of key importance to you. We care how you feel about us when the job is done. If you honor us by listing your property with Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc., we will do our very best to bring about a sale, at the highest possible price, with the greatest degree of comfort. We are proud, and jealous of our good reputation. We invite you to check around, and ask others what they think of Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc.

Service. It is our policy to fully service our listings. That means you will not have to deal directly with sales people from other real estate companies, customers, house inspectors, engineers, or appraisers. Whenever your property is shown, or inspected, a member of our sales team will be there, unless other special arrangements have been made. Our service does not stop when the contract is signed, or the transaction is closed. Our sales staff will continue to help both buyers, and sellers with the countless details that all real estate transactions involve. We aim to please, and please completely.

Communication. We are always available to answer any questions you have about anything to do with the marketing of your property, such as market activity, or buyer response. If you need advice about how best to present your property, we will be happy to make suggestions about how you can make it more attractive to a prospective purchaser. And we promise you honesty.

Our Agents. We draw our strength from our wonderful, diverse, and talented staff. Jean M. Price, our president and broker, has over 45 years experience in real estate sales, and has been one of this area's top producers for 40 years. The members of our sales team, Fiona (also Jean's Personal Assistant), Vi, Kate, Lenore, John, Margaret, Sharyn, and Geri, constantly work to give you the best service, and bring you total satisfaction.
Our Dynamic Marketing Program.

Property Appraisal.
It is vital that, right from the outset, you price your property correctly. Our first step is a free, no-obligation assessment of the sales price the prevailing market will bear. That is why our thorough knowledge of the market is of key importance to you. Our goal is to get you the very best price for your property, but we consider it a waste of everybody's time to quote you an inflated value, just to gain your patronage. Sellers who overprice their property generally experience frustration, and disenchantment, as they slowly, but inevitably, come face-to-face with the truth. It is far better, and usually more cost effective for you the seller, to price your property at a level where it will receive immediate attention from brokers, and buyers.

Coordinated Marketing Plan. When we list property, an analysis is made of how best to bring the property to the market. If needed, we will develop a special strategy to maximize exposure to prospective buyers. Such steps might include advertising in specialized publications, direct mail programs, or an on-line slide presentation.

Every property listed has the benefit of the following:

Color Brochure. A full-color brochure is prepared for each improved property listing, and copies are distributed to all qualified customers already on file, and to all cooperating Multiple Listing Service brokers. Copies of the brochures are always on display in our office, and are made available to all new customers.

Newspaper and Trade Magazine Advertising. Although print media has taken a back seat to electronic media, we regularly advertise in local newspapers, and the Columbia and Berkshire County real estate buyers guides. Additionally, we target-advertise in trade publications, covering such fields as the antiques market, the restaurant and retail trades, and equestrian breeders and trainers. If your property requires a specialized program, we will design one.

Multiple Listing Service Entry. In this modern world, cooperation between brokers is key in achieving effective marketing of property. Sellers should be cautious about listing with brokers who claim to have their own exclusive lists of buyers. The art of data mining is now so far advanced that it is virtually impossible to research real estate listings without that fact being detected by others, so the exclusive buyer list is mostly a work of fiction. For the Seller, it is essential to list with a broker that closely controls access to listed property. The Columbia County and Northern Dutchess Multiple Listing Service operates an on-line, multi-relational database service. It disseminates information about your property to all subscribing Realtors within a 600 square mile area. The MLS also provides print media to all brokers, and other related professionals. All cooperating brokers who wish to show our listings must work one-on-one with one of our sales representatives, and we require all our agents to be present, when our listings are shown. When necessary, we simultaneously list on other regional MLS systems, such as the Greater Capital Area MLS, and the Berkshire County MLS. and other search engines. Listings appearing on the CCND MLS automatically appear, not only on, but on 32 other real estate search engines, including Trulia.

Our Website. Arthur Lee of Red Rock, Inc.’s own, in-house webmaster maintains our website daily. The website is designed for maximum flexibility, and ease of use. It also features a direct link to pages dedicated to properties currently advertised in print media. That is why it has become a favorite across the continent, and in Europe. Sophisticated software constantly monitors the hits to our site,and tells us how many there are, where they are coming from, and what visitors are looking at. That information is factored into overall marketing strategy for your property.

Other Marketing Devices. Roadside Signs continue to be a valuable tool. Our distinctive Colonial blue signs are well known in this area, and continue to bring quality customers. Open Houses are reserved for cooperating real estate brokers, as it is our policy to show listed property only to pre-qualified buyers. In this way, we control who enters your property, and eliminate those who are not serious customers. We arrange for the open houses to be conducted as part of the Realtor tours, to minimize inconvenience to property owners. We can arrange an open house for the general public, if you wish. Direct Mail is constantly used. Whenever a new listing is obtained, sales staff distribute colored brochures, and factsheets, to active customers in their databases. Properties with unusual marketing requirements are promoted by specialized first-class mailings.

Customer Pre-Qualification. Your time is valuable, and so is ours. It is our policy, therefore, to make sure that only the financially qualified are brought to your property. We have a very strong relationship with local financial institutions, and mortgage brokers, and regularly use their services to determine financial capability. You may count on us to handle this delicate question with care.

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