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·Up to $300,000
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  Property Seekers --
Why You Need Us as Your Buyer-Broker
It costs you nothing to have an expert
help you through the process!

It's so simple, you think: All you need to do, when looking for property, is to check out all the websites, such as, Trulia, and Zillow, input your search parameters, and contact the listing brokers that come up.

You follow the protocol, you talk to dozens of real estate agents, and if you are lucky, you may just hit a good one .
Good Luck! -- You will need it!

Almost everyone likes to think they are experts at real estate. Many will say, "It's just a matter of common sense," but the truth is that many of the people in real estate sales do not have that much experience, and are flying by the seat of their pants, hoping to land a fat commission every once in a while. So you cannot be sure the agent you end up with will always be acting in your best interest.
Real estate is a tough business, and it takes many years of practical experience to chart the best course across this sea of uncertainty; It is not just a matter of pointing your "ship of discovery" in a certain direction, and forging ahead. All sorts of unseen factors play into every situation -- the depressed real estate market and all the complications that has introduced; the changing moods of frustrated sellers; "functional obsolescence;" deferred maintenance of property; and the tough standards mortgage lenders now have to live by, just to name but a few.
In truth, if you are to avoid a great deal of frustration, you need to find an experienced Buyer-Broker to guide you; Someone with a reputation for integrity, and a long history of proven success.
Just as an old salt knows the ocean currents, the way the wind blows, and how to navigate by the stars, our savvy real estate agents, guided by a Principal Broker with 45 years in the business, have learned, from training, and experience, how to handle the many challenges that will surely confront you. That is why you need the security, peace of mind, and protection you receive with the guidance of a Realtor like Arthur Lee of Red Rock -- a captain that really "knows the ropes."

We strongly recommend that you retain one of our savvy agents as a Buyer-Broker, to do all the difficult leg-work involved in setting up your property search; Someone who will best represent yourinterests throughout the search. It will cost you nothing, will likely provide you with more property choices, and will turn the process into a fun experience.

Talk to us, and we will fully explain the choices before you!